Abroadening is a mission - it's an online TV show chronicling the journey of Mindaugas Markus (that's me), a crowdsourced adventure of going abroad and living out the unreal and the impossible. Abroadening is one man's adventure to live life, full out - with the help of a few thousand friends.

We have all dreamed or read about wild adventures in fiction novels, seen them in the movies, have imagined ourselves as the heroes of our own life. But how many of us have real adventures to call our own? How many of us have dared to dream and experience the very things that our souls know are possible? This is what abroadening is all about - transforming these dreams into our realities. I'll go first. I hope you come along.

And if you can't come with, I hope you can help me get there. This journey will be impossible without your help. Collectively you know far more than me - you know of something remarkable to see, have a friend who lives in a foreign country, know a guy who knows a guy who sails yachts in the Mediterranean. Hook me up - and I'll share the adventure with you. Or maybe you just share my values of living passionately & want to meet for a coffee in Prague - great! We'll get that on the show too.

At various times, abroadening will mean something different to different people. Here's a few ways of looking at it. Pick one, or create a definition of your own

it's an online TV show it's a journey in the making it's crowdsourced & crowdshared adventure (more on that later) it's a community of like minded people around the world who share the values of living passionately, love, connecting to others, and going after the very things that make them feel alive, connected, and happy a vehicle to inspire others to act on their dreams & make them real a way to experience the world by going abroad and shifting perspective, creating new realities, & challenging the very notion of "what's possible"? me, running around the world with a cameraman and wrecking havoc, laughing, and finding out more about myself and the world the unshow. A constant striving to be authentic and real, unlike what we've come to expect and see on most "reality shows"? that are now mostly scripted