Let’s Go Abroadening!

It was a beautiful April evening, the clouds forming another Vanilla Sky. I was driving my car down US-41 in Sarasota, FL towards Duane and Emily’s house. I stopped at a red light (and not a jacker in sight, heh). I stared at the torn envelope sitting there in the passenger’s seat. A wave of inspiration came over me, tinged with a rebellious undertone. “No, you need to responsible,” said some voice in my head as if I had just walked into the middle of a conversation going on in my head.

“Shut up,” replied some other character, “what the hell good is a bank for anyway. Haven’t you been watching the news?” This is when I made a healthy and informed decision to take the money I got back from the IRS and invest it in something completely illogical. I could have deposited the money and watched it sit there, but I was reminded of what I told my friend Nick in Puerto Rico last year “Compound interest ain’t got nothing on this.” (”this” being waking up from a 3 hour nap aboard a cruisehip to go eat delicious lobster and dance the night away to Lady Gaga).

So here I am – taking the plunge.

What did I decide to invest in, you ask? This, what you see here laid out here amongst the pixels you’re currently staring at. A fuzzy conglomeration of ideas that is to become an online TV show. A concept involving an HD camera, a camera[wo]man, and a desire for wanderlust, for connecting to people worldwide, for finding passion and life that exist in far (and not so far away) places.

And I want you to come along with me – to see, help, and guide me along. Help me fulfill this dream. And in the process and in some unknown (as of yet) way, experience your own abroadening.

Author: Mindaugas Markus

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