Abroadening Mission List aka Bucket List aka “Trouble You Know I Just Have to Get Into”

I’m going to use this list as a work in progress of “things I want to do/accomplish/see while I’m on this journey [abroadening].” People might call this a bucket list but that makes me think of Morgan Freeman and old people, so I’m gonna call it the Official Abroadening Adventure List of Awesomeness. Perhaps I should make an official graphic with a ribbon on it to make it even more official. (We’ll see). So here it is…


  1. Sail the milky seas
    Ever since I looked up bioluminescence and found this phenomenon, I’ve been dreaming of sailing Jules Verne style through a hundred miles of glowing seas under a dark. I gotta find out more about this phenomenon, but I’d love to sail out there in a yacht by myself or with a bunch of close friends (or fellow abroadeners).
  2. Stay up all night in a glass igloo to watch Aurora Borealis
    My friend Mercedes showed me the glass igloo, where you can watch the Northern Lights from the comfort of an igloo. Sounds cool! (and punny).
  3. Write a song and make a music video
    This one came to me while driving and listening to LMFAO. It’ll probably be a fun, poppy song – something you can bounce to and dance to and it  probably won’t make much sense. But hopefully it will get stuck in your head and you will curse me for it. Like when I’m walking down the street and start singing for the 100th time “Boom boom pow, them chickens jackin my style… {expletive!}”

To be continued…

This list will be updated/added to as cool stuff comes up. If you have any super awesome suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

Author: Mindaugas Markus

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