The Real Length of a Paris-Dublin Ryanair flight

Flying from Paris to Dublin seems like a short and easy trip. But with Ryanair it can become a long long journey. Let’s see how long a 1.30 flight from Paris to Beauvais on paper actually took.

My flight was at 9.30 am. But Ryanair is actually not flying from Paris but from a city called Beauvais, 70 km from Paris. To reach Beauvais airport, Ryanair relies on buses leaving from Porte Maillot in Paris to  Beauvais Airport. Rynair recommands to arrive at the bus departue 3 hours 15 minutes before your flights. In my case I had to be there at  6.15 am and as Porte Maillot in 30 mn from the place where I stayed in Paris, my journey started at 5.45 pm.

My flight took off on schedule at 9.30 and we arrived on time in Dublin. I checked my watch just after I picked up my suitcase at Dublin airport and it read 11.15am ( French time). This  means that 5 1/2 hours had passedsince we started out. But my journey didn’t end there. I don’t live at the airport. Actually I am pretty sure nobody does. If you add a 30 mn trip from Dublin airport to my house in Dublin, the real length of a Paris-Dublin trip with Ryanair took a whooping 6 hours!

One piece of advice though –  if you are thinking of a city break in Paris, – have a think about the time you want to spend travelling before you choose airline.

Author: Mindaugas Markus

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