3 low-cost Southern get-a-aways to soothe your soul

Let’s face it. Sometimes a vacation is all we need to restore, refresh and revive our mind, body and soul. However, running off spending our precious dollars is not exactly stress-relieving. There are, however, the daring and the bold who have sought out the affordable and relaxing destinations for penny-pinchers.

1. New Orleans: A cultured and homey southern feel, this city has a strong bond since its recent hurricane devastation. In efforts to restore tourism back to the lively city, New Orleans has taken steps to reduce its travel prices, provide more complimentary meals and offer free events for visitors. A visit to the French Quarters is a must-see.

2. Charleston, NC: Known for its nationally ranked green market, Charleston is a best place for adventurers. Aside from its immaculate Folley Beach, Charleston holds beautiful historic homes and plantations that are begging for visitors to view. There are even a few hostels in Charleston, so couples and individuals pay half-price for a hotel, while getting complimentary breakfasts and southern hospitality.

3.Panama City Beach, FL: Nothing can be more of a relaxing place than the white sand gulf shores. Panama City, like New Orleans, is working hard to bring tourism back into its city. With cheap places to stay for a weekend and seafood for those on a budget, you’ll get your fill of food and relaxation.

Of course, if you search hard enough, you’ll be able to find your own weekend-vacay to rid yourself of work pressure and stress. Consider searching for nearby hostels and under-discovered destinations.

Author: Mindaugas Markus

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