Be Successful With Online Craps When Following The Rules

Be Successful With Online Craps When Following The Rules

It is no secret that for being successful with online craps game and any other game for that matter, one needs to learn the rules. These online craps rules are the moreover important when there is also your money involved in the betting, especially if you choose to play within any of the casino houses be they online or offline. With online craps there are different rules that need to be followed, they depending a lot on the venue where you plan to gamble. There are two venues available for online craps: playing against the house and playing online craps tournaments.

For the against-the-house online craps rules there is nothing simpler to apprehend these rules than learning through the free versions available with many online websites. This game is played with two dice that are thrown on the craps table with the opening throw called ‘Come’. In case the score goes for 2, 3, or 12 then you have ‘Craps’ and you can lose if you have gambled on ‘Pass Line’. With a score totaling 7 or 11 then you have a ‘Natural’ and you will win with your ‘Pass Line’ bet.

A point is considered any other number in between the ones displayed above. When the dice roll one of these points, then you should throw again until you hit 7 or again the point number. At this point the round is over and another ‘Come’ is required. Many online craps players will develop winning strategies based on various options of betting among which the most popular are: ‘Pass Line’, ‘Don’t Pass Line’, ‘Come’, and ‘Don’t Come’ and the ‘Place’ bets.

For online craps tournaments there are several rules involved since each tournament comes with their number of players. It is very important to learn first the craps rules that govern the specific tournament before you join the site and start playing. Aside from this, you should learn about the terms and conditions displayed by the site finding out the enrolling fee, the prize that comes in the form of money and how this one is distributed. There comes also the requirement to play a number of games within the tournament, again a regulation displayed by the specific site.

If you want to compare the rules coming with the live casino craps games and the ones presented with online craps you won’t find many differences except for the fact that the later one won’t allow you have the actual touch of the dice. For shooting the dice you just need to click the button and the machine will generate the score.

Due to the fact that this automatically generated number can be ‘fixed’ by some players, the advice is for you to always go with online craps that are offered by reputable online casino sites. However, following the rules of the game is the first step that you should take before venturing into the craps game experience.